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Error Validating Requirements and Settings

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I am getting an error when I click Validate Requirements and Settings, under Monitor and Manage Windows Backups.


The error is (Unsupported operating system version: 6.0.6002).


The server is running Windows Server 2008 Standard Service Pack 2.


I have tested this on three servers and get the same error.

I have configured Power shell impersonation.

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Unfortunately Windows Server Backup module requires Windows Server Backup Command Line-tools feature that is available on Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher server OS.


We have corrected the requirements info on the web site as well as on the Manager (will be reflected in the Manager at the next update).

The requirements in the user manual http://pulseway.com/usermanual page 52 are correct.

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I tested it out and it seems that indeed it is a big difference between Windows Server Backup command line tools on R2 and plain 2018. I wonder if MMSoft will support Windows Server 2008 as well.

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