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Mac OS X Mavericks


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As far as I know Mobile PC Monitor doesn't release beta versions due to their commitment for quality releases. We are all eager for an update that supports Mavericks  :lol: .

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Installing the latest version on OSX Mavericks Server, and the app starts, but the stop responding in the Activity Monitor shortly after.  Is there a fix for this?


Hi Jason,


Can you, please, try this:

1. close PCMonitor (Hide option from context menu)

2. open Terminal and type:

sudo launchctl remove com.mobilepcmonitor.PCMonitorHelper

3. open Console and clear it

4. open PCMonitor agent. 

6. copy and send Console output (check as well if any PCMonitor .crash file under Diagnosis and Usage Information) to support@pulseway.com. (please do not post console output here - may contain sensitive data)





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