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PC Monitor Dashboard - Alerts

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Is it possible to set any alerts/notifications, in the PC Monitor Dashboard, as read or ignore?

We have a screen setup in the workshop and want to be able to quickly glance at the screen and know if there are any new problems.

Just one example: Don't need the red bar across the bottom telling us that some machines have windows updates to be done as they will be done at a scheduled time.

Deleting the notifications/alerts doesn't work as they just come back again after a few minutes.


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If you don't want to be notified about windows updates you can always disable them from the Windows Agent. At this moment it isn't possible to mark as read or anotate a notification, however on the Roadmap is planned a Notification Report for PC Monitor Enterprise Server and I think the possibility of archiving notifications will become possible at that time.


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This is close to my issue as well.  I would like a feature similar to the Problems frame in Nagios where it will display current issues and once the issue is resolved it will go away.


Are there any thoughts or plans for heading in this direction in the future?

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Hi Jim,

Currently, this is not possible, as we believe that you should review all the notifications and then delete them. If we will autodelete these notifications, then in some cases, you will never know about the underlying issue before it is too late (your system crashes). However, we will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

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