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hi all

is it possible to set a refreshrate according to the administrator's needs? for me the refresh rate of the dashboard is a little bit slow. if i shutdown a server it takes relatively long to determine that the server is offline.

thanks for the support



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You can only change the refresh rates if you have an enterprise server and it can be done via the PC Monitor Admin utility -> Server Settings tab -> General subtab:

  • Agent Minimum Refresh Interval : 2
  • Agent Maximum Refresh Interval : 10 (this is the refresh rate)

If you are interested in an enterprise server, you can request a free trial from here .


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Hello Yves,

I've been thinking on my reply and I realized I'm wrong. The settings I've specified change the refresh rates of computer agents with the server, not the Dashboard's refresh rate.

I'm sorry for the confusion. I don't know of any option that can change the refresh rate of the Dashboard application.

Maybe you should consider opening a feature request to see if it's possible to have it.


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