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  1. Hi there Yeah, that's what i figured. Thanks a lot! Yves
  2. Hi Paul Thanks a lot for your reply. Okay, I will check and probably get the trial! Thanks a lot! Cheers Yves
  3. hi all is it possible to set a refreshrate according to the administrator's needs? for me the refresh rate of the dashboard is a little bit slow. if i shutdown a server it takes relatively long to determine that the server is offline. thanks for the support cheers yves
  4. hello there i'm quite new to pc monitor and i'm testing it for implementation in our company. now what i just can't seem to find out, is, if it's possible to change the colors of the devices in the web inteface. i want my servers to appear red when offline, like i'm able to set in the dashboard. is this possible? thanks a lot for your help cheers from switzerland yves
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