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Discovery and Deployment Installation

Garrett B

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I am looking to use a probe to install the pulse way manager on a device. The device is found on the network by the probe, however the Remote Computer Administrator Credentials will not allow me to leave anything blank. The device i am looking to install the manager on does not have a password set for the administrator account. I can enter the account name, however it will not let me submit the deployment while the password field is empty.

Is there something I should enter into the password field that will still work even though the target device does not have a password?

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Hey @Garrett B

Thanks for reaching out, So you should have admin credentials which allow you to access/run anything on all of the devices in the chosen org as this is a part of our security. Try using the general admin credentials you have for pulseway and see if that works. 

Let me know if this works and if not I will raise a support ticket for you! 


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I have tried that by just using my log in credentials i normally use to log in to pulseway. I get this error message whenever i try:image.png.ccac1897b121980d207ea4adfff7c989.png

It seems to be asking for the local windows account credentials and not my login. We don't have these devices connected to a domain so there no AD Domain credentials to use.

I am not too familiar with this type of deployment as we normally install this manually, so let me know if there's something I am not understanding.

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