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Pulseway 9.5: The Pulseway Policy Revolution


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🚀 Pulseways Policy Management Engine Revamp: A Game-Changer for IT Pros!
Hey Everyone!

Pulseway 9.5 is here and we are starting off with a bang as the latest update is nothing short of a revolution, bringing a slew of upgrades that promise to make your life easier and your systems more secure. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new and why you should be excited:

🎯 Precision Targeting in the Policy Editor: No more one-size-fits-all. Tailor your policies with sniper-like precision directly in the editor. Say hello to seamless Selection Previews and goodbye to manual hassles.

🌍 All Organizations, Now in One Place: Managing policies across organizations just got a whole lot easier. With the introduction of an "All Organizations" object, you can now blanket-cover all current and future orgs under one policy umbrella.

🔌 Extensions Unleashed: Customize policies for specific device subsets with Extensions. This powerful feature allows you to tweak settings for certain OS types, device types, and manufacturers, ensuring that your policies are as nuanced as your IT environment.

📊 Cumulative vs. Non-cumulative Profiles: Pulseway introduces a game-changing distinction between Cumulative and Non-cumulative Profiles. Layer those monitoring profiles without a hitch or choose device configuration profiles for a one-and-done approach. The choice is yours!

👀 Effective Settings Visibility: Ever wonder if your policies are actually being applied as you intended? Wonder no more. Effective Settings provide a crystal-clear view of what's applied and where, ensuring you're always in the know.

🎨 UI/UX Overhaul: Navigating Pulseway has never felt smoother. With enhancements across the board—from the Policies Page to the Device Card—your user experience just got a major upgrade.

📦 Basic Profiles and Policies Package: Getting started with Pulseway? The new Basic Package offers a streamlined entry point to policy management, perfect for small teams and simple setups.

If you want to dive into the details of our Policy revolution you can do so HERE

an if you are dying to try Pulseways latest update start a free trial and join the revolution!

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just getting your feet wet, these updates are designed to make your policy management more intuitive, effective, and, dare we say, enjoyable. 🎉💻

And finally be sure to stay tuned as we have way more features within Pulseway 9.5 to explore!

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Hey there,

How about End-user Reboot Prompts? We've been experimenting with them on freshly installed systems, but unfortunately, we're not seeing any significant changes from our previous setups. Interestingly, the option to 'Automatically download updates and let a user choose when to install' within the policy settings window was present even back in Pulseway 9.4. However, it seems that it wasn't operational then, and it remains elusive in version 9.5. I'm starting to wonder whether it's a matter of functionality or simply a configuration issue on my end.

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Good morning,

I'm still waiting for the last upgrade that happened in the Cloud version, I was told the upgrade for on-prem was "upcoming". Also, we have the Third Party App Patching, but it doesn't work with Microsoft Windows Server 2022. I was told that we could use the Custom Titles, but we'd rather use the TPP. Is there any timeline on when ay of this will be addressed?




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