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  1. Good morning Stafan, The problem isn't with any particular application, the issue is the message received says that 3PP is not supported on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 which was later confirmed by who I assume is our account rep. However, we have been using other methods to mitigate the cURL problem and also manage VMware Tools versions, to name a couple. I randomly selected about 50 or so items on the list of supported apps for 3PP, and none included those two OS's, and again, our account rep told us it's not supported. So my question is, is this ever going to happen?
  2. So I've asked this question several times and I can't get an answer, so here I go again. Why doesn't and when will Pulseway support patching 3rd Party Apps on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022? We've subscribed to 3PP however when we purchased it we didn't know that it doesn't work on those 2 OS. Whenever I as ask I'm told to use "Custom Titles" or submit a feature request. Why should I have to use Custom Titles if we've paid for 3PP and isn't 3PP a feature of the Pulseway patch management product? I just need to know if and when this is coming or should I start looking for a better product... hopefully I can get a straight answer. Thank you.
  3. Good morning, I'm still waiting for the last upgrade that happened in the Cloud version, I was told the upgrade for on-prem was "upcoming". Also, we have the Third Party App Patching, but it doesn't work with Microsoft Windows Server 2022. I was told that we could use the Custom Titles, but we'd rather use the TPP. Is there any timeline on when ay of this will be addressed? Thanks, Don
  4. StefanMcl, I conducted a test last night and np 3rd Party Apps were patched. In my previous message I sent a screenshot of our current license, it says expired, but we just purchased licenses for 3PP? According to your article for 3PP we need to whitelist the following: smpm.pulseway.com smpm-custom.pulseway.com Are these IP's associated at all with Pulseway, because are blocking traffic to Amazon over port 443 for the following IPs:
  5. StefanMcl, Thank, my email is donald.jackson@hawkinsinc.com. I also opened a support request online Friday [56592 [Request received] [IMPORTANT] Website Support Request], basically I was told to go and read an article. So I see that a newer version of Pulseway is available [I've signed up for the webinar], I'm looking forward to using that. Question, does our license cover 3rd Party Patching? Finally, to be clear, I have setup a Policy and assigned it to specific agents for testing. I have created some Global Rules, but I have not assigned them as yet. Thank you so much for your assistance. Donald
  6. StefanMcl, Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. So I did apply the policy to the agent, and started it manually, I had several 3rd Party apps selected as "Keep up to date", they weren't touched and some OS updates were not installed. I ran a Nessus scan of the assets to confirm what was installed [or not] and I also downloaded report from Pulseway to see what patches\updates were or were not installed but that report very limited in context and detail. Regarding the 3rd party apps, they are on the list, examples, Notepad++ and Curl, is there any reason why this would happen?
  7. Regarding Patching 3rd Party Application: 1st, can a rule be applied a single server in a group of other servers? Example, I have 20 servers in a group and only 1 has a specific application installed, I'd like to choose "Install and keep up to date", but that option will Install and keep up to date the application on all 20, so can a rule be applied to only one of many? 2nd, when rules for 3rd Party Applications are applied, how is the patching schedule determined, I start my patching manually, so my question is, if I have an election for "VMware Tools" to install and keep up to date, does that happen automatically or only when I start the update? Thank you, Donald
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