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Mac OS patching and reporting


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Hey Guys,


So we need to automate patching and reporting for Mac OS. From the best of my knowledge I can't find this feature anywhere within pulseway (crazy I know), and I can't find any scripts within the forum. 


Can anyone help me out on this one? I'll update if I find anything myself.



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3 hours ago, StefanMcl_Pulseway said:

Hey @sam.evans

Thanks for reaching out, I have attached a PDF that will assist with the patching issue - With regards to reporting, what type of reports were you looking to run? 


MacOS - Install Updates using Automation or Terminal 1 (1).pdf 395.66 kB · 0 downloads

So the types of reporting we would want would be the following

1. A breakdown of all the macs in our tenant with their current os.

2. A report on the most recent os patching check for Macs with success/failures of applying those os patches.

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