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Feature not enabled | Server Modules greyed out

aj siani

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Hi Everyone i have been using Pulseway for a very long time now 2+ years,

I formatted and installed the Pulseway Manager 9.3.2 again, and bunch of features are disabled any idea why?

That was not the case before, you can clearly see the Hyper V role is installed and i have bunch of VMs running

if they ever get stuck i would just do VM reboot from pulseway Hyper-V add on now not available 


2023-09-28 15_57_10-forex-vm - Remote Desktop Connection.png

2023-09-28 15_56_39-forex-vm - Remote Desktop Connection.png

2023-09-28 15_59_49-forex-vm - Remote Desktop Connection.png

2023-09-28 16_02_20-forex-vm - Remote Desktop Connection.png

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forgot to add the Server modules Tab
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Hi @Lwild & @Matt Stevens

The reason that you two are both unable to see the Hyper-V module is because we are currently in the process of moving this module to be accessible within the Webapp and due to this for some reason it has disappeared.  If you run the following PowerShell script 

Set-ItemProperty -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\' -name 'MonitorHyperV' -Value '1'

it will effectively flip a switch and you should be able to access the Hyper-V module again. Dev is currently troubleshooting why the issues exists in the first place but if you need any more assistance please feel free to reach out. 


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