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Excessive handles causing high memory usage


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Our fleet are experiencing issues with high memory usage. I believe this is due to Pulseway creating an excessive amount of handles (Named pipes).

Attached are some screenshots. Please refer to the "Handles" columns.

I have used Process Explorer to look at the handles and 99%are all NamedPipe (please see bottom section of attached screenshot labelled Process Explorer).

We have around 100 computers with this problem. Restarting will allow them to use the computer for a while until it builds up again.

High handles 1.png

High handles 2.png

High handles 3.png

Process Explorer  - Pulseway - Named Pipes.png

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Hi @EJ11

Thanks for reaching out, Id love to help you where I can, have you raised a support ticket? If not I can do so for you if you would like to forward me your Pulseway email ID and we can try and get this issue sorted. 


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