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PCMonitorSrv.exe is committing too much RAM.


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Hi people:

Recently the business laptop (core i7 8th gen, 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD (CT1000P5SSD8)) got pulseway installed. But the laptop began to get lagged and the fans working more and noisily. 

So my question is: is this behavior normal? or is a bug? In case of bug; have plans to iron it?2023-07-2002_03_05-ResourceMonitor.thumb.png.f18e745617124edb89fcc01aef03f4fd.png2023-07-2008_52_55-.thumb.png.9b5d86216f1ff65980833027a524aeb2.png


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I noticed similar behaviour in a number of our servers with the pulseway agent about 2 or so months ago. Most noticeably because when the memory monitor that we configured was being triggered for high memory usage the agent was one of the highest memory usages on the machines. I havent seen this much recently so I'm not sure if, at least for us still an issue. I'd always suspected that it was some bug that would be addressed in a future patch.

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