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Windows defender difficulties


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Hi Pulseway experts,

I'm Ryan and a happy user of Pulseway, but kind of a starter with probably a little issue which I cannot solve. Could someone help me with the following case?

I provide customers with proactive automation on their devices and there is a issue which after a lot troubleshooting I still cannot fix. I run a policy which monitors daily statuses that check every single process and services. I got this issue ''The antivirus Windows Defender has been disabled on computer ...... in group ...... ''. The service stops daily and I made a workflow to start is again and also tried a workflow which restart the service, but in both cases the windows defender got the same error the next day (when a windows patch took place). There is no 3rd party anti virus in this case.

Could someone have an idea which I can try?

Kindly looking forward to a reply.


Ryan. K

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