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SNMP Configuration Script


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Hi, I work for a small IT business that is attempting to set up Network Glue (Basically a network information collector) which uses SNMP to collect information. I'm looking for a script that can install the SNMP service, and then adjust the settings to change startup to automatic, set the service to allow sending all possible information, (example shown in screenshot), set the community name to public, allow that community READ ONLY rights, and only accept SNMP packets from the Hostname "Twiz-PC". I've seen some stuff online but we are not fluent enough in Powershell to risk editing registry stuff ourselves, and having this automation will greatly help us in deploying to our clients. I was wondering if anyone on here already has a similar script that we could adjust for our needs. Thanks in advance!


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I can give you some links to get started...

Install SNMP on Windows: https://theitbros.com/snmp-service-on-windows-10/

It looks like both Group Policy and registry merge work for setting most of the parameters.

You'll want to pay attention to the security issues, especially for laptops. Otherwise, this has lots of Powershell that should be pretty straightforward to assemble into a script for Win10 (and maybe Win11)


Also worth reading, but less helpful than the link above: https://blog.paessler.com/how-to-enable-snmp-on-your-operating-system

The best reason to read this one is if you support Linux or Mac and need SNMP on those systems.

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