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Response to Email creating multiple tickets


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Hello, we are looking for some help. 100% of our users reach out to our helpdesk via email in order to create tickets (aside from the general call in). We are trying to get it set up so that a reply back to our response for their support request doesn't generate a brand new ticket. 


However, when they create the ticket by sending in the initial support request, we answer (with a workflow to respond via email -- attached picture). I have also attached the template that goes out as well to determine if something needs to be added there. 


Basically someone sends in an email (Ticket #1 Need Printer Drivers Installed) > we respond triggering the workflow to send out that email > they respond back and it creates new ticket (Ticket #2 RE: Need Printer Drivers Installed). 


Does anyone know what to set up so it automatically updates the original ticket and doesn't create a new ticket? 

PSA-email response ticket note workflow.png

Email Response .png

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