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  1. I will also add - I've had a virtual machine with 100% CPU utilization for more than an hour and Pulseway didn't acknowledge. Double checked workflow, it's active and set up as follows: TRIGGER (High CPU) > CONDITION (System CPU Usage (%) is greater than "90" > CONDITION (Agent Group is equal to "Workstations") > Action (Send email to).
  2. I want to establish a workflow to monitor high CPU utilization on servers and workstations. I am able to create the workflow for CPU utilization > 90%. However, If a server gets over 90% utilization, I don't want it to immediately fire off a Pulseway ticket to us. I would like the workflow to recognize a server has been above 90% CPU utilization for x amount of minutes. Is this possible? If not, is there a default timer for things like high CPU utilization, high memory utilization, etc.? Thoughts?
  3. I know it’s been some time since your post. To fix this is pretty simple. You are missing the #[%Ticket Number%]# in your Subject field. Once that is set, your replies will go to the same ticket and not create a new one.
  4. I'd like to make a request to add the following to a future release of Pulseway mobile app. We definitely love the mobile app as we can do many things on the go but we are missing a few items that I think would be beneficial: 1 - When viewing your own tickets there is no filter option. Completed, assigned and new are all displayed. 2 - Cannot assign Issue Type and Sub-Issue Type
  5. Do you have instructions for setting up the google authenticator? If you could supply a link, that would be great! Thanks.
  6. Could I make a request for this to be added in a future release? In any Service Desk, I think its crucial for requestors to have visibility of ticket ownership in the client portal.
  7. Our company is in the process of setting up the client portal. However, we noticed if a user selects "My Tickets", Assignee is not displayed or an option to add in the view. Also, if the ticket is selected, Assignee is not displayed under Details. We do have a workflow set up when a ticket gets assigned, the requestor is notified via email but we would also like the Assignee to be displayed in the client portal. How do we make this happen?
  8. We are looking at enabling the Client Portal. I see we can use the built in authentication but does Pulseway PSA support google authentication?
  9. So, the answer is no - customers are unable to create their own templates.
  10. New user to Pulseway RMM and I'm currently reviewing the Reporting module. I see the system has several report templates by default. However, I would like to create my own template. I would like to be able to run a single report that gives me the non custom values that I am looking for rather than running several report templates and merging the data together. I'd like to create a template that reports the following: PC Name, Primary Owner, CPU, Memory, Storage (used/free), Type (Laptop, Desktop), Make, Model, OS, Last Boot Up Time and any others I deem necessary. Thanks for the assistance!
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