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Unable to monitor Windows Backup


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I've added a legacy Win 2008R2 server and need to monitor Windows Server Backup until we can migrate it to a new system - but the option is greyed out in Pulseway Manager

WSB is added and the command line options - it's running fine and checked the command line options are working

Tried a remove/reinstall - but no joy

Any ideas on a way to force it "on" or information on what it's checking to try and find why it's leaving this option disabled



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18 hours ago, Mark G38 said:

@JoeS In light of what Paul mentioned, you could set up a custom event log alert to monitor the backups through Pulseway in the meantime.  

Ta - that's the fallback - had hoped to get it working the same way we have with other 2008r2 boxes

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18 hours ago, Paul said:

Hi Joe,

You can't. Pulseway uses PowerShell cmdlets to integrate with Windows Server Backup which are not supported on Windows Server 2008R2.


Has something changed then - we've got a few legacy 2008R2 boxes and they're all running fine, reporting success/failure through this tab, same version of the pulseway agent on all?

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My apologies, we do support Windows Server 2008R2 however Windows Server 2008 is not supported. Are you sure that the button is not disabled because of a configuration lock?

Also make sure that you can load and use the WindowsServerBackup PowerShell module. If all's ok, you could try to force enable it by running this PowerShell command:

Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\' -Name 'MonitorWindowsServerBackup' -Value '1'


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