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Services or Process - is not sending alert

Jan C. Nielsen

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Is the service monitored on the system you are trying to get a notification from? Open pulseway manager on that system and click the system tab and then services and ensure the service is checked. There is a script that will monitor all automatic services, but that can be quit overwhelming to receive a notification for all of them.

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4 hours ago, Jan C. Nielsen said:

it does not work - if i stop a service, that i have "checked" in "System", and marked as "Notification" it does not send Notification.

If i set the proces-monitor on the EXE-file, i get a notification...


If you expect an email- or push notification to be sent whenever the monitored process or service is stopped, then you also need to enable notifications on your Pulseway user account before they will be sent. Login to Pulseway and open Account -> Notifications and make sure that you have enabled the corresponding notification level on either the organization or it's sub sites / groups. Also make sure either/or Email and Push are enabled at the top of that screen.

Pulseway notifications.png

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23 hours ago, WYE said:

Hi @Jan C. Nielsen

Do you have any policies set on that group\site? 

Policies will take precedence over agent configured settings. 

Also - check that they are in the "unconfigured state" or "ticked" based on your requriements. 





But you gave me a clue to the problem - so it is fixed now :-)



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