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Windows Optional Updates?


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I've just started using this software and think it's great and it will save me a lot of time, especially for installing Windows Updates. It works great for installing critical & important updates. We run Windows 7 Pro on all of our computers and I was wondering if there is a way to install the optional windows updates as well?



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Hi Marius,

I'm trying this on a computer in my office at the moment and the actual computer shows three optional updates but the PC Monitor app on my ipad says No Updates Found?  Is there a setting that maybe I don't have turned on.  The app found and installed all of the important and critical updates but just left the optional ones there.






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I've got a similar issue....

when running the "check, update and restart" command against individual computers or groups, pulseway handles the critical updates just fine. It doesn't install the optional updates however.

(Each computer has been configured to download the optional updates within the windows update settings dialog)


So when patching a large group of systems every week, I end up having to go to each one individually, selecting each optional update manually (can be lots), and installing and rebooting them manually. 

To be honest, if I'm having to do all this manual work on every system, then pulseway isn't going to scale well for us. 


(side note) - all our systems pull updates from WSUS, so the optional updates have already been vetted and approved there. Is there a way I can get pulseway to handle the optional updates when I run the update command? It may be the insanity talking, but I thought pulseway USED to do this. 




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  • Staff

Hi Steve,


Welcome to the Pulseway community. Pulseway only installs critical updates when you issue the group command however it's a great idea so we've added to our todo list.




Pulseway Support

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Hi @Matt Cutting,

This isn't implemented yet however you can clone the Check and Install Updates script and remove the following bit from the update filter:

AND AutoSelectOnWebSites = 1

And this will install all available updates and not only recommended ones.


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