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Log parsing(log4net, XML, apache, IIS)


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Hi again,

Love your new roadmap :D inspiring to watch this software evolve to an even more useful product for all it administrators out there. Impressive stuff.

One useful thing would be to parse a log for errors at a scheduled time and escalate if threshold is violated, just like you do with the event log.

Best regards


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I can only see this possible to be done by public api calls to the pc monitor application (which is not available yet) with user created plugins, because every application can have it's own way of formatting the log file. It would require a specific Parser for each particular log format.

It's a great idea but for now you can set your application to only log alerts / errors the you enable the file preview feature and you can see the log file from the device. Eventually it will be easier once pc monitor file atribute monitoring feature will be released. This will send you a notification if the file gets modified so you would know when to look for updates using the file browser.


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Hi Gents,

Thanks for your reply. I was thinking to start with just to have e.g the Linux agent to grep for a specific pattern in a log file if true then notify. Maybe under the create rule feature. For windows this could be done easily with powershell or log parser would not require much to implement this. The schedulers could be done using quartz.

Well just an idea :D



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