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Dropped network connection

Andy Raybould

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Could someone assist in helping me to set up an alert when a network connection is dropped.

This is happening at one of my client sites after changing to a new ISP. The ISP says the router/switch is fine but connections are dropping.

I would like to be able to log when a connection drops (ideally knowing if the internet connection has dropped or just the internal network connection)

I'm not sure a simple ping notification is good enouh in Pulseway to do this as I need to know if the connection has dropped for a few mseconds as well as larger outages.

I guess the Event Viewer holds the answers but would appreciate it if anyone has done this before if they could share their thoughts.

Thank you, Andy

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  • Staff

Hi @Andy Raybould,

You may try to configure multiple Ping notifications which are triggered at a different times. Also, you may configure the website monitoring however this monitoring will not give you so detailed information regarding connectivity as ping does, because the minimum time interval for the Website monitoring is 1 minute.



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