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Pushing or copying applications and files to client machines


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I currently use Connectwise Control for remote and to push applications to client machines.  Connectwise Control allows me to have a toolbox in which I can choose from programs which are downloaded to my Pulseway Server and push them to the client computer.  This is very helpful for downloading apps to the machine rather than having to manually download each app by going to each website.


This is great for programs like:

Adobe Reader

Malware Tools if the machine is unable to browse the web

Additional tools I use for diagnostics and password recover like Nirsoft.

I select the tool and then it automatically downloads it and runs it.  I can also push without being remotely connected and if the end user has admin rights they can install.

It can also store all the files so I can run them at a later date. I then run a bat file that deletes any files downloaded to the storage folder in case I want to remove the applications at the end.

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marinhd, I know they have plans to add a file transfer tool to the Remote Desktop application but there is nothing to stop you scripting the download from a public URL. Or, if you prefer to use a private repo, Chocolately allows this.

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I have started to use my Dropbox storage to both pull and push files from agent machines. Using Chocolatey, I install curl on the agent, and then using curl, I can upload files to Dropbox, via command line or script, to Dropbox. Or using tasks and scripts, I can push files to agents. Also, Chocolatey is wonderful for installing apps on remote agents. I use it as my 3rd party patching solution. Flash and Java get updated as soon as the new version is out :D

I agree that the ScreenConnect Toolbox simplifies the process, but I also enjoy writing my own solutions for problems. And once I write a script, I can reuse it infinitely across multiple agents.

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Absolutely agree. We recently tested Upgrading to WIndows 10 using powershell attached to a connectwise control script. Integration is far more powerful than just running scripts with logfiles all over the place. The ability to create a script that acquires assets safely executes code at the RMM and Endpoint layer and has results integrated into your RMM is Powerful . 

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