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  1. Hi Jamie. I'm not sure what can be done. I posted this in case someone encounters the issue. In my case if webroot will not deploy through pulseway , I must install webroot manually then after doing so I must also deploy it through pulseway again.
  2. I have not checked every system for this but several at one site have the symptom Agent Security Shows Webroot Secure AnyWhere Disabled Out Of Date and Also Shows Webroot Secure AnyWhere Enabled and Up to date on the same Agent.
  3. Hello all, I have been deploying webroot to a few sites through pulseway. This is the first time I have had to manually install webroot. Webroot would not install through pulseway on three computers. The manual download installed immediately and began a scan and reported into the webroot console. In pulseway the status for all of these was install failed and there are no actions available. I waited quite a while and no change. To get actions available I then installed again thrugh pulseway which imediately worked.
  4. Hello, I get Detection notifications from KAS through pulseway. The files are then found to be already in Quarantine Backup. The Status is QUarantined. The Date of the notification is current although the files were quarantined many days before. Deleting the notification results in a new notification. Is there a policy setting to prevent this, if not then how is it handled? Also Is there a setting to expire the Quarantined Backup? To clarify I want notification of the detection and that it is quarantined. But do not want repeated notifications after it is Quarantined
  5. Absolutely agree. We recently tested Upgrading to WIndows 10 using powershell attached to a connectwise control script. Integration is far more powerful than just running scripts with logfiles all over the place. The ability to create a script that acquires assets safely executes code at the RMM and Endpoint layer and has results integrated into your RMM is Powerful .
  6. I would comment here that this falls back to not being able to call pulseway functions on a result set of queried endpoints based on any of the attributes in the pulseway data space. Even if the result set were compiled externally the Pulseway Interface to its own attributes doesn't exist.
  7. The CSV data export would be much more usefull if it had some other way of getting the data aside from download or email. Ideally the information would be highly usable and "alive" in the Portal app whether the endpoint is offline or stolen However I am able to get more insight once the info is inAccess. I found when I Import to access that I must set " as text qualifier get a good import otherwise commas in the data cause extra fields to be created.
  8. It would be beneficial if Pulseway had its own URI handler so that given something like <a href="PulsewayRemote:c1ff43df-5f0d-40d1-be9d-06055047d1aa">MYPC <br> SystemIdentifier: c1ff43df-5f0d-40d1-be9d-06055047d1aa</a> Would launch a new instance of your remoting desktop application and connect to the System Identified.
  9. Another late night battling issues. Three computers bricked today. Another running Windows 7 reported Kaspersky disabled yet AVP was using 50% + resources and a half gig of ram. I need to be three places in the morning to physically repair computers broken by kaspersky. I have a question. I noticed Antivirus Agent Status for a windows 7 computer is showing update available for kasperksy but it is only this one at the moment. Is this expected? Should the Windows 7 computers get the Kasperksy update available ?
  10. With lots of bad events occurring this past week and one happening right now. I went to create a policy for patch management so that a computer could be assigned to a policy that would prevent windows updates until issues can be resolved. So I have set it to not install under all conditions. It requires me to set a schedule. Is this schedule the dates on which Pulseway will check and refresh the Windows update policy in the event they have changed on the PC or does this schedule apply to anything in this case ? I guess I'm wondering how the policy is enforced. If I set it to repeat daily does it update the windows update settings once a day or is this checked before any update can occur.
  11. on this site after the KAS upgrade several problems arose. The first computers rebooted could not login to windows. Others could login but not launch applications. After hours of trying things and having different bad results and running out of time I decided to try and undo everything on each computer one at a time. 1. One computer could not login to windows there were no icons for users and no place to type a password. I booted to W10 media and using a restore point failed. I got to the console and deleted the Pulseway folder. this allowed me to login. But functionality was limited. I then rebooted into safe mode and cleared the pulseway registry and detached the Pulseway service. I think I also ran the kaspersky uninstaller. I was then able to login normally. 2. For most computers. boot W10 media, restore point, kaspersky uninstaller, uninstall pulseway, detach pulseway service, delete pulseway folder, delete pulseway registry, reboot, windows updates, install pulseway, push kaspersky. 3. Two computers required boot w10 media delete pulseway folder then everything in 2. 4. Finally one computer which is still on windows 7 Inadvertantly had Kaspersky uninstalled and then it would not install. I ran the kaspersky uninstaller. and still no install. I repaired pulseway and kaspersky installed. 5. A few computers had no real issues they accepted the new Kaspersky and had no issues on reboot. Throughout this process even though I went onsite to do it. It was very beneficial to have a separate app for remoting to the machines. Connectwise control is very fast and efficient for running same command on multiple computers and RDP My email is full of Pulseway 2FA codes . but at least Monday morning will not be a disaster. I have more sites to upgrade, hopefully they will go better now that I realize how fragile this can become. I hope you all have a better result. Next time I suppose I will Image the computers. uninstall Kaspersky and Pulseway. Clean out Pulseway Registry, Detach Pulseway Service, Delete Pulseway Folder. Ensure there is a restore point. Upgrade the OS. Check for Device Issues. Patch the OS. Install Pulseway. Push Kaspersky. I guess now I need to cautiously upgrade other endpoints that are already windows 10. I am very disappointed in Kaspersky. In contrast 1200 endpoints running eset and not a single ticket related to the windows 10 upgrade. Also uninstalling and reinstalling actually works.
  12. Tonight I pushed the upgrade to a site. This site was upgraded to Windows 10 last month. during the process the systems were imaged. Kaspersky was uninstalled. The upgrade was performed. Then kaspersky was pushed via pulseway. It worked flawlessly. Subsequently the computers were patched up to date with a seven day delay. Kaspersky seemed to be working fine, which is unexpected. I'm not sure why these computers experienced no problems. (A week later the same procedure at another site failed completely.) After pushing the update I selected the first computer on the list and had it reboot. After rebooting it no longer reported in to pulseway. after some time I decided to Remote to it using Connectwise Control. I could connect but there was no login screen. Console commands through CC are not responded to. Rather than reboot the remainder , I'm leaving the others as they are and driving over tomorrow to learn more about the problem. My remote management is turning into UBER tech. :?(
  13. I have tried the links from multiple locations networks and computers. the direct link that you gave me works for the download as did a different link for the download I was given from support. the link i was given for the documentation will not load though. I could not get the remover to run silently and had to login to each machine, run it, interact with a captcha , reboot and then push kaspersky. I am so glad this was a few machines and not 400. I wish they would fix their installer currently it isn't managable or scalable.
  14. There is nothing at that link as of July 19 2019 3am est. At this point the client would have been better served with off the shelf antivirus. This is Bad !
  15. Thank you for the good work Paul. I have not pushed the update yet. I have 4 computers that were upgrade from 7 to 10 with KAS uninstalled during the upgrade. Currently the Agent Version 6.4.2 Up to date w10 pc fails installing KAS . The product listing in the log below is in the registry as "Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows" Is the uninstaller for KAS broken ? Is there a way to make the installer a bit more resilliant? 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: initialize Mui: start *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: GetSystemDefaultUILanguage: '1033' *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: GetUserDefaultUILanguage: '1033' *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: Try to get preferred UI languages *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: GetSystemPreferredUILanguages 1, '0409' *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: system UI language 1033 *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: language is 1033 *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Mui: Installed product not found. *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: initialize Mui: end *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Parse command line: start *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Parse command line: end *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: reading setup.ini: start *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Eula attribute exist in setup.ini: Eula = 1 *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Eula accepted *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Reboot attribute exist in setup.ini: Reboot = 0 *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Reboot not allowed *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: reading setup.ini: end *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: reading installer.ini: start *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: RemoveIncompApp = 1 *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: reading installer.ini: end *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Current folder is 'C:\Program Files\Pulseway'. Error code 0. *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** Current folder changed to 'C:\Program Files\Pulseway\AV'. Error code 0. *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: installation started *** 8008:1a44 22:52:52.706 *** setup: Failed to get installed product {7A4192A1-84C4-4E90-A31B-B4847CA8E23A} property VersionString. ***
  16. I appreciate the thought. This occurred after upgrading to Windows 10 from 7 KAS was uninstalled to perform the upgrade. Several hours more work was done and then I learned KAS would not install. So in this case a rollback wasn't an acceptable option.
  17. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of this issue. I upgraded several computers to windows 10 this weekend and noticed the issue. Oddly I still have more work to do to have the systems ready before tomorrow morning. installing Kaspersky after the upgrade was scheduled to take a few minutes. I'm a few hours into this and stressing out. I assume I need to prevent Windows updates to avoid even more chaos. To me this is a serious issue. What is the current recommended solution?
  18. I have been hesitant to request any sort of features. I always feel like what i would like to see might be far too much work to produce. I think this feature might be rather simple to implement so here we go. "a quick comment about existing reports - the last time I checked the report which reveals how many licenses there are and how many are assigned confuse office managers because we are not assigning a number of licenses to a client so the numbers ar wrong." Feature inquiry. The ability for a report to produce the pdf exists and has some additional features to emit the report. 1. Would it be feasable for the same report to produce the data of the report in the desired format CSV,JSON and have the same capabilities to emit the report and or be retrived from the web portal. 2. Would it be feasable to allow api access to the report module and data to allow querying the report data or just getting it as well as causing a report to run. While this is a only small step towards actionable queries via script, it certainly goes a long way towards collecting information for decision making purposes. In the following recent task I created scripts to collect the info. dropped them on shares accessible at each lan. used screenconnect to select all computers. pasted the script to execute the scripts. collected the information and then moved on to producing the Estimate reports. I used screenconnect to do this which required a bit of manual work and copy paste. From there it was easy to automate the aggregation and produce the sales estimates. It is frustrating however to do things like this when the information is already in pulseway just not availble for me to use in any meaningful way. So if I could get it out somehow even if it isn't actionable , I can still do usefull things with it . An example of something simple : Compile a list of all workstations we monitor running microsoft os where the version is not 10 include the Hard drive list with manufacturer model etc. Produce a distinct list of these and compile the interface, form factor and whether the drive is SSD. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including pre-upgrade system imaging. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including SSD upgrades, preupgrade system cloning.
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