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Configure different email ids for notification


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  We are monitoring around 15 servers using pulseway. But I want to configure different email ids for sending the notifications.( not the main emailid which is registered with pulseway).

10 servers notifications to 1 email id & remaining 5 servers to a different emailid.Is it possible to configure in this way ?


Thanks in advance


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Hi Jay. I agree this would be a useful feature to add to Pulseway. If it is done my suggestions are:

1) Have it configurable at the group level, as well as individual server level.

2) Have ability to Cc. Eg. I might want to receive alerts for a group to my main email, but also be able to Cc the alerts to either the customer (if they want to see them) or to a specific staff member in my MSP (so the client/tech manager for that customer sees their alerts).


But since you haven't received a reply yet, my suggestion for now is to use an email rule. One your main email (that receives all Pulseway alerts) check if the subject contains the group name (with the 5 servers). If so forward the email to the other address (and optionally delete it from your main email account).

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  • Staff

Hi @Jays, @itzenmonitoring

This functionality can be achieved by creating multiple user accounts and adding these user accounts as the members in multiple Teams. Since the release of the Pulseway version 6.1 we have the option to assign the individual access rights for the system into the group for each team. For more details about this please check the following article.

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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