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Plugin for Vembu StoreGrid


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Would be fantastic to have a plugin for the Storegrid client app. This is a backup software which allows systems to backup to a hosted solution. Problem is that to manage the client you have to remote control the desktop.

Items of interest for the plugin would be:

1. View Each Job

2. Job Last Run time

3. Status of Job (Running or Standby)

4. Last results: Failed or Success If Failed ability to get reason for Failure

5. Ability to re-run job or cancel the job.

I would want this info from the client and not the server….

http://www.vembu.com/ Product is Storegrid.

API fro my product is:


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I realise you wish for more functionality, which a plugin will provide. However if for the time being you would like to monitor backup fail status you could monitor for eventid's matching backup failed statuses.

The following link explains that you should contact Vembu support for a list of eventID's. http://f.34.79ae.static.theplanet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4825

Hopefully that will give yourself or anyone else something in the meantime, to make sure you are aware of errors.

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I am currently analising the structure of their API. You can expect a release in two to three weeks.

Note: Due to certain circumstances expect that the release date to change. Rest assured a plugin will be released however it may be delayed.

Updates 12/01 - Core functionality and structure finished. ListResellers functional core functionality ready.

Expected features for first release:

Listing events / resellers / clients / servers / backup jobs.

Updates 22/01 - Most functionality is finished. Waiting for PC Monitor API 2.0 to be released.

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  1. List resellers seems like it would be for the primary backup server and not the client machines...
  2. I will contact Vembu as this is great for the primary server but not for client machines with the application installed. I will update asap.



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Thank you for the offer however I have to refuse it. The only way to thank me for my work is by using it. The only problem is that vembu storegrid client's api is very limited. I already requested some new features.

You can expect a release in about a week.

Thank you for waiting.

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Hi Paul,

It looks like I am getting some traction with Vembu about the API integration. Please reach out to Lenin. I have set him up with 5 seats on my server for testing. He is going to help with getting assistance from them. lenin@vembu.com Assistant Director - Business Development

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Message I have sent to Lenin in regards to the Storegrid Client API.

Would like to see the following. It would be nice to find out which aspects of the API are needed for this.

List of jobs on Storegrid Client

Status of Jobs on Storegrid Client

Ability to start, stop, pause jobs on Storegrid Client

Ability to see results of last job run on Storegrid Client

Report results of last run job with the message on Storegrid Client

See storage status limit in case client is running low on space on Storegrid Client

Alerting can be done in several ways as I also understand that Vembu does create event logs…. Not sure if getting that info from the Storegrid client through the API would be better for alarms for all items mentioned above….

Any other items which you can think of…..

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I've talked with some people (Shiju D., Jaikumar, Mark W.) from Vembu too and they told me that at this moment these are the only supported API calls for StoreGrid Client:

"CreateBackup", "BackupJobList", "GetRestoreList", "RestoreXML", "ReloadBackup", "ReloadRestore", "ReloadAction", "DoReports", "DoRestore", "GetBackupConfigInfo", "GetBackupList", "BackupConfigInfo", "GetClientRestoreTreeList", "GetClientBackupProgress", "GetClientRestoreProgress", "ListClientFullBackups", "ClientDisasterRecovery", "GetLocalBackupList"

I have also requested some backup actions to be included in the API but I am not sure if they will be implemented and when.

All the server functionality is already supported by my plugin, I'm still integrating it in the PC Monitor API.

Also their documentation for the client API is outdated and obsolote. It contains a lot of calls that don't exist anymore.


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The plugin is close to a beta release, once I finish testing it I will release it for the public. This means that Friday will be the release date.


  • View lists of resellers, customers, clients, backups, alarms and events.
  • View detailed informations for resellers, customers, clients, backups, alarms and events.
  • Configurable notifications for alarms and events by severity.

Supported Commands:

  • Activate / disable resellers, customers, clients and backups.
  • Delete resellers, customer and clients (Recursive delete for resellers and customers is configurable).
  • Disable web access for resellers, customers and clients. (Note. Because enable web access / update web access password requires a new password to be inputed these commands are not enabled until PC Monitor supports input boxes in the API).
  • Upgrade trial client to paid client.
  • Acknowledge and anotate alarms with a hardcoded text (The text will be configurable in the future versions).
  • Clear alarms (all or a single one) with a hardcoded text (The text will be configurable in the future versions).

No client version because of their limited API, if the will update their client API I will implement a plugin for the client too.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delayed release,


Edited by Paul
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