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[C#] Inventory Product Import Tool from Excel


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Our business operates with hundreds of products in our inventory and going through all of them and manually entering them into PSA was not exactly an option, and without an import function, I had to develop an import tool that uses the PSA API. I developed it originally with hard coded parameters, in a single class, but went back today and improved it for distribution to everyone here.

To view the source code, check out the repository at https://bitbucket.org/garrettbromley/pulseway-product-import/

To download the executable files, download PulsewayProductImport-v2.zip at https://bitbucket.org/garrettbromley/pulseway-product-import/downloads/



  • Download the Excel template and add your inventory into that sheet. I personally had a Microsoft Surface that I walked around with and inventoried everything.
    • To change the categories/sub categories, open the "Back End" tab on the sheet and edit those tables to your liking
    • The only column that isn't required is the UPC Code.
  • Run the Import Tool
  • Input your PSA credentials
  • Type in the full directory to the excel sheet (make sure its closed before running it)
  • Confirm the number of detected items
  • Watch the tool work
  • Make a stock adjustment with the levels of stock for each item (this unfortunately cannot be automated)
  • It will notify you how many items have successfully been imported and which ones failed (if any) and why.


Please let me know if you have any questions! I will post changelogs if any updates are made.

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