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Non-running Virtual Machines not listed in Hyper-V Module


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I have several non-critical virtual servers that do not start automatically with our Hyper-V cluster that I want to start manually once I know all critical servers are back on line after a cluster reboot, but these do not show up in the list of VMs for each host on either the Android or PC app.

I only see the 'running' VMs.

Am I missing something in config of Pulseway Manager (v5.4.7) other than just enabling 'Monitor and Manage Hyper-V'?

According to this page https://www.pulseway.com/hyperv I should see all VMs configured on a host, and be able to do lots of other things.


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Hi Steven,

I would like to see the image showing it. Also, is it possible that you have read-only access to these systems? For more details, please check the following link.

This is what you should see:



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