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Pulseway on Mac with Filevault

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After I enabled FileVault on my Mac, I can no longer reach it when it sleeps, with Pulseway. Before FileVault, I could just send a wakeup signal, but it doesn't work anymore.

Is there any way around this?

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    • By SinglrClickIT
      I'd love to see remote desktop for Mac OS added.
    • By PaulWTech
      Hi,  I'm not sure if this is a feature request or if there may be a solution already.  Here's the specifics:
      A customer is using Filemaker Server and it relies on the httpd service which is Apache to connect the web form feed via PHP.  It stops occasionally and it would be most helpful to get an alert when it does just like with Windows services.  I looked at monitoring an Application in the Pulseway preferences but did not see one that I should select.  The Filemaker consultant indicated that Filemaker installs it's own version of Apache and the restart command is:
      sudo /Library/Filemaker\ Server/HTTPServer/bin/httpdctl graceful
      which differs from the standard
      sudo apachectl -k start
      So this is either a feature request or help to know how the existing version of Pulseway for Mac and provide this monitoring.
    • By Digital
      Hi Guys
      Is it possible to do RD sessions on Mac? What I mean is from my windows system.
      I don't see an RD tab on the mac client.
      Thanks in Advance....
    • By BettR
      I have been searching for a way to have my Mac Pro running 4D Server app notify me if the server app has "hung" or crashed outright. I am not a programmer, but simply a small business owner trying to stay on top of the systems we have. Having stumbled into Pulseway this week, I am so far impressed with its capabilities. It looks just like what I need!
      However, I could not find a way to tell it to notify me if my database app runs into trouble. The physical machine is extremely stable, but I am grateful for the notifications that Pulseway offers in terms of dismounting volumes, failing drives, etc. My one last need is to be notified if the server application hangs or crashes. I have identified the app in the Notifications/Applications panel: Send a notification when an application is closed. I then picked the 4D Server.app from the list. However, I was hoping there was a way to build a script that would let me know if the server was still up, but not responding. But not a programmer, like I said.
      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you!
    • By Alex666
      when will it be possible to collect the system logs for Mac systems?