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Pulseway Ad-Hoc Reports

Gary Haberl

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Thank you Chris,

I can choose the proper dates for a report. What I want to do is print the dates chosen on the report.

Something like this in that report header.

"Service Work Detail from March 1, 2018 through March 15, 2018."


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  • Staff

You can add something like this:

=Concatenate("report for the period ", AggMin({Tickets.Open Date Only})," till ",AggMax({Tickets.Open Date Only}))

Also, you can select the field from the spreadsheet and create the function


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Hi CHris,

Thank you for the help with this.  To help others out, I am posting what I actually used.  I was trying to print filter choices on a report, so I used the following.

=Concatenate(FilterValue(1,1)," - ",FilterValue(1,2))

From Filter


From Report


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