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Hard drive spin down issue with Pulseway service

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since some days my hard disk drives don't spin down anymore while not in use. I tracked the problem down with process monitor and found out that the PCMonitor Service is accessing the drives every minute through the WMI Provider Host Service (wmiprvse.exe).

I disabled in Pulseway the storage notification of local disk space on all drives but it did not help.

As soon as I disable the Puleway service, the disks spin down after the configured laps of time as they should do.

I'am using Pulseway since some years, but the problem occured recently and was not there before.

Thanks for your help.



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Is it possible that you have enabled the HDD monitoring using the Pulseway Group policy? Please check the following link.

Also please try to do the following:

1. create the backup for this registry key -- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design

2. then delete it.

3. Start the Pulseway agent and register it with your account.

4. And then check whether the same issue persists.

Please let me know about your findings.

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Posted (edited)

Hello Chris,

thank your for your answer.

Unfortunately the issue is still there. I did not enable the Pulseway Group Policy.

After deleting the registery entry resetting all the configuration of Pulseway, the access through wmiprvse is active as soon as I start the Pulseway service.

The time betwenn the access is exactly 60 seconds.

I will try to uninstall Pulseway, deleting the registery again and then reinstall it and report back.

Thank you.


EDIT: Unfortunately even a new installation did not help. I guess the issue is caused by an update of the Service (auto update is on) Is there a way to revert back to previous version of Pulseway?

EDIT2: I reverted back to an old version that I had downloaded back in 2016 (vers. 4.9.1) and disabled the autoupdate function but the problem persists.

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