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Cannot update agent config remotely (dashboard+manager)


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I can't seem to update any agent settings remotely anymore. I normally use Dashboard to edit an agent's config and change the computer name as needed (hire/term). As of about a week ago, this no longer works. The agent config screen comes up normally after right clicking in Dashboard and choosing edit computer settings, lets me make my changes, and then gives the standard "this may take 30 secs" message when saving. But nothing happens, no update. If I go back in and look at the settings again the modifications are not there. This also happens with Pulseway Manager under Manage Systems. I don't see a way to update agent settings using the WebApp.


I have not updated my Dashboard to my knowledge, still using 5.1.2. Agent version is 5.4. Doesn't seem to matter what OS the computer is running, happening with all PCs And i've installed the Dashboard on a different PC, same results.


The only way to make the changes stick is to login to the computer in question and make the changes on the agent locally.



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Dashboard updated to v5.4.1 this morning. After all the agents updated themselves to 5.4.1 as well, this issue is resolved. Note that if your agents are still at v5.4 you will get an error.


Thanks for getting this fixed.

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If you will restart the Pulseway service on your monitored systems, then the Pulseway Agent will be updated automatically. You can do this from the Pulseway WebApp by issuing this PowerShell command on all your monitored systems via Automation:

Restart-Service pulseway

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