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Unable to monitor azure

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I'm unable con configure Azure Server in Pulseway.

After creating certificate following manual procedure instruccions and uploading certificates to azure keeps showing attached error.

Server 2012 localized Spanish.


Captura de pantalla 2017-07-03 a les 12.38.59.png

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I had 2 diferent subscriptions in my Azure admin account. I've uploaded certificate to wrong subscription.

Once uploaded again, everything fine.


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      I am trying to a WR to one of my client pc's. I have purchased the licence from within the pulseway web app. 
      Where do I find the licence key / number ?
      I all ready have one client installed so their is no option to select trial again......
      Also their is no "Trial Site"  in the WR console to correspond to my in app WR purchase?
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      I am attempting to simply change the name of a client workstation form "Steve Doe" to "Brandon Doe" and it has so far been unsuccessful.  I have tried from the client side, and from the dashboard manager.  So far all attempts have not worked.  When I attempt to do it from the client side, the client goes offline, and comes back up ~ 3 minutes later (it doesn't actually turn off, pulseway just detects it as offline).  Doing it locally freezes application and forces it to be stuck at "Loading Scheduled Tasks...".  I have ran into this before.  I fear uninstalling will prevent a re installation.  The only thing that solved it in the past was a reinstall of windows.
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      Hi there, I have installed Pulseway on 2 PC's and according to my subscription page. I get 2 free licences.
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      When u use the built-in script "Add Automatically Started Services in Pulseway" some services wil be monitored that are triggert and not always on.
      This wil result in unwanted notifications.
      The first variable has the servicenames you want to disable.
      $services = @('gupdate', 'ShellHWDetection', 'sppsvc', 'RemoteRegistry', 'MapsBroker', 'tiledatamodelsvc', 'WbioSrvc', 'WinDefend', 'CDPSvc') $servicesRegex = [string]::Join('|', $services) # create the regex $regservices = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" $regservicesSplit = $regservices -split ";" foreach ($regservice in $regservicesSplit) { If ($regservice -match $servicesRegex ) { $servicesSplit = $regservice -split "=" $servicesTrim = $servicesSplit[0] $servicesTrim = $servicesTrim.Trim() Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" -Name $servicesTrim Write-Host $regservice " Verwijderd" } } Hope it helps.
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      As my monitored machines are updating to the new Windows 10, the agent simply will not start automatically..
      Any idea why?