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Possibility to change agent settings even if the computer is offline


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it would be cool, if I could change the Pulseway Agent settings of a computer, even if the computer is offline. I had the problem yesterday, that I made a typo. The customer closed office, and all the clients where offline. I had to wait till today in the morning, to be able to fix the type.


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This is confirmed to be coming over here:

Once we have the settings on the webapp, we will also help you get a better understanding which settings are overridden by a Pulseway Group Policy and offline changes will become supported at the same time.


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This would be a massive step forwards in centralising this into a server style product. Keep us posted. Not being able to even set offline PC's into maintenance mode is quite annoying.


Also if you could collect daily temperature roundups like the other server based stats that would be good for checking why an offline system went down.


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