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Any best practices for your antivirus solution?


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Hi Christian,

Unfortunately we don't have any best practices for the AV solution as we don't provide any for the RMM / PSA. The reason behind this is that each deployment is unique and the configuration should be specific to that environment to ensure the best performance.

A good example would be a SQL Server machine where you would want to exclude from scan the Data and Log mount points in order to avoid the AV product from introducing IO delays while it scans.


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If you look at the Kaspersky agent settings, they have already integrated many base exclusions.


You can access this area under the agent Settings Tab, then Settings under Scan exclusions and trusted applications.

See Attached.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 2.11.41 PM.png

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thank you, but where can I find this information. I was looking in the Pulseway Agent, and in the Windows App, but I can't find anything. In the Pulseway WebApp I can only find the part with the rules.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?


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My screenshot is from the installed Kaspersky agent on the device it was installed on.  You can access this same information in the Pulseway Webapp, but it does not show the preset exclusions.

In the Pulseway Webapp, go to Antivirus>Policies, Select one of your policies and go to Antivirus Protection>General>Scan Exclusions. There is where you can enter files or Folder to exclude.  The Trusted Application tab is also useful.  You will have to know the correct path to enter.  Again you do not see the default Kaspersky exclusions. 

Hope this helps. The Antivirus integration is one of the best I have seen as far as RMMs.

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