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HDD monitoring requests


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  1. I'd like to be able to tell PCM to monitor all HDDs, instead of specifying one at a time. And as HDDs are added and deleted, automatically monitor them, too. It's pretty rare to find a disk I don't care about!
  2. HDD monitoring should also report Windows' storage Events (from NTFS, Disk, ATAPI, SMART...all the built-in stuff) without having to explicitly set up Event Log notifications for them.
  3. And since we're on the subject again, a repeat request for monitoring mount points and not just drive letters.

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+1 on the mountpoints and storage events

Our new MS SQL Server will utilize mountpoints instead of drive letters which we would like to monitor with Pulseway.

kind regards

edit: My workaround for this is to setup System\Performance Counter for each Mountpoint found under "Logical Disk" just for viewing purposes and alerts through Notifications/Counters following the same procedure and additionally defining the treshold there. It's not as dynamic and easy to setup as the Harddisk Monitoring.

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I monitor about 10-15 video servers, sometimes a HDD dies and just disconnects, some of my servers have RAID 1-5 or 10 setup, but many of them are running RAID 0.
My problem is, when a HDD just disconnects, I dont get a notification. Is there a hidden feature im missing..

- Lasse

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