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  1. +1 I monitor about 10-15 video servers, sometimes a HDD dies and just disconnects, some of my servers have RAID 1-5 or 10 setup, but many of them are running RAID 0. My problem is, when a HDD just disconnects, I dont get a notification. Is there a hidden feature im missing.. - Lasse
  2. Hello I will start by saying thanks for a great piece of software. I have used Pulseway/PC Monitor for about 2 years now. I monitor about 10-15 surveillance servers and pings around 100-120 cameras and monitor about 30 Remote TCP Ports for connectivity issues. Sometimes I get a lot of ping errors from different camera, and that's fine, but when I need to troubleshoot, it would be very nice with a historical graph. Sometimes I need to convince a customer that his network is unstable and a historical graph showing 24 or 48 hours would make it so much easier. As I see it, the function is already active but shows only 1 minute or.? Keep up the good work.. - Lasse
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