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Some Newbie Questions


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Thank you very much for producing a great product.

As a home linux (Centos & FC15) user and I am using a free subscription and I have a couple of questions.

During account creation using the pcmonitor-manager (and also with the text only version) I was having some problems setting up an email address.

I have 2 domains that I use for email, and neither seem to be recognised as a valid email address, I ended up making up a gmail.com address to get round the problem.

I can PM you with the email addresses I have tried.

Is it possible to change the email address associated with my account, since I don't seem to be able to do this either in the iPad app or on the website?

I also noticed that my subscription ends on 31/12/2011

Does this mean that your free account only lasts for 1 month? I do hope not, since I would not have wasted my time setting this up if that was the case.



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You can change the email address from the PC Monitor Manager on the PC - it's not yet implemented on Linux. (send me a message and I can help with this one).

We made changes to the way the email address is validated, it should resolve the issue you were having.

When you created the account we activated a trial subscription so you can test the server modules. After that subscription expires you can still monitor your computers, only the server modules won't be available anymore.

Let me know if I can help.



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Sorry , this was a duplicate post, but I've decided to make use of it.

Marius, I can't find a way to send you a message.

I suspect I've not been on this board long enough to have gained those facilities.

My username for the product is the same as my username here: Tindalos

If you use the email address I have used for the forum on the product to replace [hello at gmail dot com] that would be perfect.



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No users are allowed to view other profiles for privacy reasons. You can still access your PM box using the envelope letter on the top of the forum ( two icons on the left of your name). Here is a quick link to compose a new message and here is a link to your PM box.


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