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  1. Sorry , this was a duplicate post, but I've decided to make use of it. Marius, I can't find a way to send you a message. I suspect I've not been on this board long enough to have gained those facilities. My username for the product is the same as my username here: Tindalos If you use the email address I have used for the forum on the product to replace [hello at gmail dot com] that would be perfect. Regards, Stephen
  2. Thanks Marius. That really clears things up. I'll drop you a MP Regards, Stephen
  3. Thank you very much for producing a great product. As a home linux (Centos & FC15) user and I am using a free subscription and I have a couple of questions. During account creation using the pcmonitor-manager (and also with the text only version) I was having some problems setting up an email address. I have 2 domains that I use for email, and neither seem to be recognised as a valid email address, I ended up making up a gmail.com address to get round the problem. I can PM you with the email addresses I have tried. Is it possible to change the email address associated with my account, since I don't seem to be able to do this either in the iPad app or on the website? I also noticed that my subscription ends on 31/12/2011 Does this mean that your free account only lasts for 1 month? I do hope not, since I would not have wasted my time setting this up if that was the case. Regards, Stephen
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