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PSA Module not saving information


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Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

Using the PSA system, I have gone several times now into the Service Desk module, selected hardware assets and assigned them to their respective clients. Every 24 hours or so, as I am entering in tickets and trying to assign a hardware asset to those tickets, I am finding that a bulk of the hardware assets are reverting back to my company as the client asignee. I have have to repeatedly go back and re-assign those hardware assets back to the clients. Besides the colosal waste of time, it makes me wonder if any other information is not being retained in the databse.

Any clue?


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We've identified a bug in the PSA/RMM integration where the PSA would incorrectly overwrite customizations made to the hardware assets that are populated when RMM notifications are converted into PSA tickets. We are currently working on resolving this. I'll update this topic when this the bug gets fixed.


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