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high upload bandwidth used for Pulseway


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Hello i´ve been noticied a big use of outbound data from monitored servers. One in case run a simple webserver(webspeed) without connections and i could monitor it in focus.

The use of link it´s big only for monitored machines. as you can see on below.

 #Src IPSrc PortDst IPDst PortProtocolSrc IfaceDst IfaceFlow TypeIPS CategoryExpiry (sec)Tx BytesdownArrow.gifRx BytesTx PktsRx PktsFlush N/A89917738287101042490328617565791Delete entry ControlN/A29163727930445590Delete entry
310.0.0.155406169.65.50.4443TCPX0X1HTTPSN/A89613574159122795882385433905Delete entry
410.0.0.235203469.65.50.5443TCPX0X1HTTPSN/A897988890779919233291832225Delete entry
510.0.0.17470569.65.50.4443TCPX0X1HTTPSN/A894680821461312521413616866Delete entry
610.0.0.305121169.65.50.6443TCPX0X1HTTPSN/A895593606553313511044414720Delete entry

the servers of line 3,4,5,6,7 and another with i reset the service was been there too.

looking for conexion IP( , 5, 6 ) it´s from servernap.net.

Based on this, what is this?
What data the servers are sending that use all of my link?
Someone can explain me?


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