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Patch management for windows servers

Although windows updates can be installed through Pulseway this is a manual process.

Is there a patch management module for this?

We could approve important/critical updates on certain servers to be automatically installed on a specific day.

Also notifications to let us know updates have been installed and a reboot is required.

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I have just started a trial of Pulseway and really liking it.

I imagine we are going to have between 200 - 300 managed computers / servers.

Manually patching without full patch management is going to get boring fast.


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Hi Ant.

We are doing patch management via normal Windows Updates on clients, and via scripts in Scheduled Tasks on server.
It is working great, we are not notified of missing updates.

Pulseway can notify when a critical update is missing, but we would like to put a threshold on it, first notify after X days.
So we have made this feature request: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1443-windows-updates-can-we-ignore-the-last-x-days/ 
You can give it a +1 if you like the idea.

Br, Martin.  


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Hi Martin,

I have been doing some testing using the Pulseway integration into Windows Update and picking on random servers in the evening and it has patched all without fail. This really does work well, but could be quite a chore when we roll our from testing to production on a few hundred machines.

Would you be kind enough to share your script you are using with Scheduled Tasks?

Kr, Ant

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