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  1. Hi @Chris I found the issue. Per the Firewall logs, some Geo-China IP addresses keeps hitting the NAT policy with UDP 9 and that wakes my PC! For example here is some trusted source of traffic coming from you (Pulsway) When I wake my PC FWAllowEnd disp=Allow pri=6 policy=Wake On Lan - UDP-9-00 protocol=discard/udp src_ip= src_port=60205 dst_ip= dst_port=9 dst_ip_nat= src_intf=0-eth0-External dst_intf=2-eth2-TP-Link rc=106 duration=30 geo_src=USA rcvd_bytes=0 sent_bytes=1052 3000-0151 Another bad traffic
  2. PC keeps waking up after the latest update Any idea?!
  3. Just add Dynamic DNS support feature and that will fix the issue with the changing IP's
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