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  1. This would mean that you cannot access any secure website because of some firewall rule blocking your navigation, this is very odd to see defaulted inside a router configuration. Does your router support outbound firewall rules? If so create a rule to allow zone navigation from LAN -> WAN through HTTPS(443). If it doesn't support outbound firewall rules try to see if nothing else is blocking the connection, new windows firewall policy, or some weird application that blocks your access. So the steps would be: Check if the router has a firewall that blocks you. Check if the computer has a firewall or a program that's preventing your navigation, (Try navigating to a secure website from your phone, see what happens) Try switching the router back, does it solve your problem? Good Luck, Paul.
  2. Sure, I'll post a reply when it's done.
  3. Hello, You can do this if you monitor the USB port changes with a plugin. If you know some programing why not try out tutorial: http://www.pulseway.com/netclientapi.php . If not wait for two - three weeks until I release my plugin that monitors HID devices and I will make a version that monitor custom usb devices too. Related post: Paul.
  4. Hello, I've found the problem and will be fixed on the next release. The bug is only on Pre-Vista Operating Systems. Tomorrow I will release 1.2 . Thank you for your patience, Paul. Edit: First post updated with version 1.2 .
  5. Poweroff is just like you cut power from the computer. It instantly powers down the computer, not recommended
  6. Usually there are no problems with the uptime, as for reliability and snapshots, most hosting companies also offer you backups or full VM snapshots depending on the package you choose. But yes if it's only 50$ a month it's not that bad for all those features..
  7. I don't currently own any Enterprise servers however I think you can host it in a VPS too and exponentially cut the costs. Not really sure if this applies to your case however you can try asking for some free trials at some various hosting companies and see the result. I consider 50$ a bit much for a restrictive instance with 30 monitored pcs.
  8. Maybe, I have no idea to be honest. Using this method it isn't possible to work with server operating systems. @aerohard I am investigating this. I will let you know as soon as I identify the problem.
  9. You can go to PC Monitor Manager -> Registered Computers and from there you can delete a computer and IF the computer is online it will automagically deconfigure himself. Cheers!
  10. You can also try a manual install, see if this works for you. Post Link.
  11. Hello, This could only work if it would be used as a two factor auth support along with the standard passphrase PC Monitor authentication system. It could be nice if you would be able to choose with two factor authentication system you want to use. I did look over their API and it seems that's fairly easy to work with it's just a web api to call and see if the OTP is valid, action which PC Monitor's server should take. Just one question, when you touch the button on your YubiKey how will you get the OTP? It will appear on some application you install or you need to have an application that need to talk with it, just like a dongle? Let's see what others have to say.
  12. I am sorry to hear that you're having problems with my plugin. Please enable Diagnostic Logging from Settings tab and Diagnostics subtab. Doing so PC Monitor will start writing log details to a file called trace.log that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder. Please copy and paste any errors that are shown there in a reply over here so I can check it out. Thank you.
  13. I am sorry but the API doesn't expose such feature, if you want I can add on the opened file details page an email button however this would work if: I add email configuration to the plugin configuration form and you will have to configure it in order for it to work. PC Monitor's API is getting changed to expose email sending methods. I'm going to wait for a response from MMSoft to see what they think of this and I will post back with the results. PS: Also if you would like to email to someone that is not pre-configured in the plugin's configuration form you will have to wait until API v3 will get released as it will include input boxes which will make it possible for you to write the email address you want to send.
  14. In order for PC Monitor to start you need to configure an account in the PC Monitor manager. That's all that it needs for PC Monitor to work.
  15. Not all hardware are fully supported by Open Hardware Monitor library. Maybe it will get fixed in the next version of Open Hardware Monitor library. There isn't much you can do in this case.
  16. Hello, Maybe it required a system restart? PC Monitor uses Open Hardware Monitor library, if you want you can compare what you see in PC Monitor with that their application shows. Link.
  17. Hello, I looked over your case and you can do a batch script (using this tutorial) then you create a schedueled task that runs manually and calls your script and writes to a file, so you can read - email it to your mobile device / or you can have it print out to the console and call it from the terminal using the mobile client. Paul.
  18. If you get stuck somewhere or you don't know from where to start just let me know and I'll try to help!
  19. Hello Nick, I am sorry to hear that your having problems with my plugin. Please enable Diagnostic Logging from Settings tab and Diagnostics subtab. Doing so PC Monitor will start writing log details to a file called trace.log that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder. After it's enabled please try to browse the opened files by nick and then copy and paste the resulting log file here in a reply or in a personal message, this way I will be able to understand more what's going on. Thank You, Paul.
  20. Hello, This is possible by writing a plugin to monitor usb device changes and the notifiy you if it matches your filter. Helpful link: http://www.cybersprocket.com/2011/programming-languages/detecting-usb-insertionremoval-in-c-net-4-0/ Some plugin examples: http://forum.pulseway.com/forum/52-windows-client-api/ If you need some help developing a plugin feel free to ask , Paul.
  21. Hello, The error is pretty straight forward, it's trying to connect to Mobile PC Monitor's server and for some reason it fails. From the problematic PC open a browser and try to navigate to this url. If you get any error then it means that the SSL trust is broken and you need to fix your system time and check the problems with the SSL trust or if you can't connect to that webpage then it's a network problem. If you get a webpage that says: Then it's a positive result and everything should work. Cheers, Paul.
  22. If a single teacher can't teach us all the subjects, then... how could you expect a single student to learn all subjects??

  23. Cool, the profiles are working!

  24. Our profiles are working again, wohooo!

  25. The problems should be fixed now. Check first post for the change log. Seems that I forgot to include os version 6.1.7600 in my code and that I had some parsing error in the filtering but everything should work now. digbyp: The plugin was working fine, the COMPUTERNAME$ are local sessions which also show up on the Windows Session Manager from mmc, if you want I can rule them out from the output. Also the MAC address you specified it actually represents the IPv6 address of the local computer (The same address that your computer resolves when you ping it) and it will show the proper IPv4 address for computers that don't have IPv6 addresses. Also it was only showing you the local sessions because you didn't have any other session opened, did you look in the session manager to confirm that my plugin was missing something? You will need to wait until the download link gets approved. Paul.
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