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  1. This is resolved. Not sure why it didn't work (found it odd as it worked for all the other people in the pinned thread), rebooted the server and all is well (can edit the config file in that dir and the changes are picked up). Another question, to display data from powershell scripts, they need to use write-host, correct? IE if I want to display a variable, etc.
  2. Hmm so why doesn't it pick up the change? Any idea? May be an idea if I give you rdp access to my test server (having repro'd the issue on that server to diagnose?
  3. Hi, I have installed POTS in MobilePCMonitor on two Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1 servers. On the first server, I installed the plugin, and restarted the POTS service (although not required) and the menu has the POTS menu and relevant sub menus (anti-virus). However, this looks like the "simple" config file in the plugin dir. If I make a change in that config xml file and re-load the plugin and restart the service, the change is not picked up in POTS (e.g. change "PowerOfTheShell" to "sksjksjsjs" in the xml file). On the 2nd server, if I delete all but the nested (and largest) config xml file in the plugin dir, and install the plugin/restart the windows service, there is no change picked up in POTS/MobilePCMonitor (it just displays the anti-virus Powershell menu, which is the simple config xml file). It seems like POTS is looking at another config file? Thanks
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