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  1. 3 minutes ago, ltintnteam said:

    Do you have a disaster recovery plan? If you have offsite backups, it should be trivial to spin them up on a different host (assuming you have an emergency backup host, right?) and redirect DNS.

    We do have a DR plan, the problem with it is that the DNS TTL is set to 24 hours. We're still evaluating our options.


    Update: The storage gateway is now online and our database cluster is starting up.


  2. We're in contact with the hosting provider, the initial estimate is that it should be less than half an hour left.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused, it seems that something didn't go as planned with their maintenance.


    Just now, ahilliker@ie-corp.com said:

    So who do I speak to about getting a credit on my account for waking all my Techs and throwing us all into a panic, having us drive to sites?

    Please reach out to your account manager for all billing questions.


  3. Hi Dan,

    For the past hour we've been working on resolving a storage issue with our hosting provider, please check out this announcement post over here:

    We will post updates as we have them. We appreciate your understanding.


  4. On 1/3/2023 at 2:23 PM, Nick S said:

    @Mark G38 I do not have that same PW screen for BitDefender. Maybe @Jamie Taylor or @Paul could help? It is quite frustrating that BitDefender is not available to customize the policies within the PW console, but I realize some of that is outside of PW scope.

    Please advise, and thank you!

    You should see the same screen in Pulseway for Bitdefender, can you attach a screenshot of what you see?


  5. Hi Darien,

    Yes. That would be the cause of the database server finally starting up. Apologies for the inconvenience. Databases are still starting, will post another update when all services are completely back up.

    Update: 7:10PM: All services are now fully operational.


  6. Yes Josh, apologies again. The root cause of the issue is impacted disk I/O where the SAN has experienced multiple disk failures at the same time greatly reducing I/O capacity. We'll announce tomorrow a maintenance window for the window where we will transition to a SSD-backed SAN which will greatly increase the performance of our cluster.

    Update: 5:14PM - We're down again. We've decided to switch to the new storage now.

    Update: 5:50PM - We're 20% done with the move to the new storage, we anticipate another 2 hours before we can restore service.

    Update: 6:24PM - 69% done with the move.

    Update: 6:58PM - Move completed successfully, databases are starting up.


  7. It looks like the Pulseway agent isn't even installed. That's odd. Your best bet would be to copy the Pulseway folder from another computer and then manually register the service.

    Alternatively try using a tool such as CCleaner to remove the Pulseway app registration from the registry.


  8. Can you try to run it within a command prompt running as an administrator using this command? This will also generate an installation log file, please send us the log file in the event that the installation still errors out. Replace the Pulseway_x64.msi with the file name of the MSI.

    msiexec /i Pulseway_x64.msi /l*v install.log


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