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  1. Hi Chirs, was just looking at this. Is there a way to run the script to stop monitoring all automatic startup services? I ran the built in script to monitor all automatic startup services but that creates too many alerts for the machine. Is there a way to just modify that script to stop monitoring ALL automatic startup services? instead of having to do each one by name?
  2. Hello, I think I saw something about this in another post and wanted to follow up. It sounds like there may be updates to the reporting feature. Do we know when? It would be great to have more reports and report options. Reports are a big help in customer meetings and show our value.
  3. Sorry, I am new. Perhaps this has been answered and I just cant find it. Right now, there are tickets created for every notification from the RMM. I don't need tickets for all of these notifications, only certain ones. Like machine is off would be good for a ticket. but not CPU usage over 90%. How do I change which RMM notifications create tickets? I started tinkering with workflow and business process...but I only see how to turn off rmm integration. Thanks.
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