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  1. Hi, I am monitoring a number of systems remotely for a number of customers and have found that if for any reason they lose their internet connection, all their systems appear on our dashboard as offline. I understand why this is happening, but is there some method within Pulseway to recognise when the remote internet connection is down so that the alerts/notifications can be ignored? Thanks
  2. Basically the issue I have with Pulseway is that there is no way to create a "master" report which basically consists of a number of reports rolled into one. At the moment, If I want to send reports to a customer, I have to send individual reports which basically spams the customers mailbox. I would like to send just one e-mail consisting of a number of reports (as attachments), or a single report built from a number of reports. I haven't found any way in Pulseway to do this so I though I might be able to do this through an API. Run a report, save it to a file and then attach to an e-mail message. Something like that. Unless this is actually available and I am missing something? Custom reporting would be fantastic and would probably solve this as well. Thanks
  3. Hoping there is something here to do what I am after. I want to run the Pulseway RMM reports external to the web page. Maybe through the API? I have a number of reports that I want to run for each "client". Rather than schedule each individual report, I want to be able to run 1 report which includes all the reports that I'm after. Basically, the recipient will get 1 e-mail message which contains all the selected reports. Is this possible. Maybe through an API of some sort? Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes please! I'd like to know as well! If only there was a custom report designer that could take the output of a script and wrap it up into a report. That I would like to see! :-)
  5. Hi, Hopefully a very easy answer to this one. Just getting started on Pulseway and loving it so far. However, when I try to access StorageCraft ShadowProtect on my mobile app, it comes up with an error :- Agent Version: 0 Value cannot be null Parameter name: type Any hints on how to resolve this one? Many thanks
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