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  1. Hello

    to my best knowledge, there were no changes introduced to the video modules

    however, I believe you may work around this shortcoming by playing with the cameras from the device manager (as long as you keep just one camera switch on Pulseway agent should automatically redirect to the active one) 

  2. Hello,

    Yes, the export/import would definitely do the trick, however, I would like to encourage you to use our automated deployment feature when possible as it comes with an option to select and import agent settings from already a preconfigured agent.



    the other solution would be to use a more centralized approach and to configure your agent using the Group Policies (click here for more info)

  3. Hi JDAIII,


    System names can be easily edited from PowerShell with help of the below script.

    Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value "your_system_name"


    Would you like to set your Pulseway computer name to the actual hostname simply leave the 'value' blank

    Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value ""


    Unfortunately the same is not supported for MacOS, and any changes will need to be done manually. Really sorry about that...

  4. Hello Dennis,

    You can remove the link from numerous machines at the same time by creating a script containing the below line and executing it on the desired scope of machines using task.

    Remove-Item 'C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Nortrux IT Help Desk.lnk' -force

    For more information on the subject of creating and running scripts through Pulseway, please click here

  5. Hello Mario,

    You were right to look for those settings in Workflows.

    Create a new workflow, navigate to the Conditions tab and look for title filter under the Tickets section.


    once done go to Updates tab and select the queue of your choice 



    Hope it helps, problems please let us know!

  6. Hello,

    You may try to cross-reference any asset overview reports based on the system name from RMM and PSA to highlight the differences. 

    Regarding the forced registration of assets in PSA - I've raised the issue with my colleagues from the Development Department and we would consider it for the further release.

  7. Hi Andrew,

    That's correct. In order to get access to the Security log on the machine, you will need to modify its device access policy.

    Navigate to Pulseway WebApp and sign in using the same credentials you've used to deploy Pulseway Agent to the end user's PC.

    Next, go to Account, followed by Monitoring Devices, select the 'Set Default Device Access Policy' button and change access policy to the end users' machine to 'Full Access'. 


    This should do the trick for you. Any problems please let me know.

  8. Hi Biffo,

    Just had a look at the post you've mentioned and although the idea is very neat it has to be implemented directly on your machine without Pulseway working as the middleman here.

    Sorry about this.

  9. Hi Biffo,

    I'm afraid that for the moment the SNPM monitoring feature is not available for any other OS than Windows. Really sorry..


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