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How to route tickets to particular queues?


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We just got PSA installed and working, now we're wrestling with auto-assigning / auto-queue routing. Does anyone have some tips on how to get this working? I've been trolling through the manual, and checking the docs and forums, and I thought I had it narrowed down to Admin -> Business Processes -> Workflows, but that thing doesn't quite seem to have what we'd normally use (i.e. Enchant, SupportBee, Freshdesk all had a "If subject contains (your word here) then put in queue (your queue name)", where as I can't seem to find the analogous setting in PSA.

Appreciate any help in advance!


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Hello Mario,

You were right to look for those settings in Workflows.

Create a new workflow, navigate to the Conditions tab and look for title filter under the Tickets section.


once done go to Updates tab and select the queue of your choice 



Hope it helps, problems please let us know!

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