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  1. Spotty Windows Update notifications

    Notifications are kept as close to zero as we can here, so yeah prewtty sure its not that.
  2. Hi there, in the last few ... weeks? months? A growing number of monitored Windows systems running 2008R2/2012R2 do not send out WIndows Update notifications via pulseway anymore. This is starting to be a real issue since it is for some reason affecting more and more systems over timne and I cannot fin anything common on those or any reasons. The clients all have update notifications enabled, and when opening the Windows Update on the machines they do announce important/critical updates awaiting installation. I am running out of ways to look for the reason and a fix here, and would appreciate any help. Best regards
  3. Error on Debian 9.1 Stretch

    Hello, is there any update on the "Illegal Instruction" issue? I am running on Raspian 9, latest Pulseway client, I even installed libssl1.0.2 on the system. Still pulseway will not actually start. I have this vague idea that for some reason it is still using ssl 1.1, but I can't very well uninstall that ... Any help or ideas would be appreciated.