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  1. Hi Chris, has this update been released by now? If so, how can I make sure I get it?
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately I am still unable to move my linux clients into other groups. The agents report as Version 6.0, but allegedly moving them /still/requires an agent update ...
  3. I would appreciate a fast solution to this - it is getting really difficult to maintain overview of my systems when I get multiple Windows Update notifications multiple times a day for multiple systems.
  4. Didnt do the trick for me either, and I'm not gonna reinstall the system for this I am afraid.
  5. Is there any update on the illegal instruction issue?
  6. Solved it myself after all. We have 1 'main' account with the sole purpose of sharing systems to associated user accounts. Thus we barely log in with that one anywhere. Turns out there were some hundred unread notifications in there that did not show up anywhere else. Once I deleted them the problematic systems "woke up".
  7. Yes, on premise. How would I look into the database without
  8. Hi there, thanks already. Today I finally managed to find one of those machines before one of my colleagues updated them anyway and started the trace-log as above. Trace gave me the following line: 08.02.2018, 13:12:48.037: [Notification Manager] Unable to send notification with identifier 'WINDOWS_UPDATES_AVAILABLE', the non-repeating notification already exist. But no notifications are there. (Or at least visible). Some months ago we had a database crash on our pulseway server. At the time it seemed we had gotten it running again, might it be that something could be causing the issue there? Addendum: I looked into the database on the pulseway server and select * from "Notifications" where computerIdentifier='f5456he55-aec8-462e-9331-5f1f55dfbd3b' and notificationIdentifier='WINDOWS_UPDATES_AVAILABLE'; returns one entry, interestingly nearly exactly a year old.
  9. No. there are no notifications whatsoever. When I manually check inside any pulseway app if updates are available it shows them, but no notification is sent despite them being activated.
  10. Notifications are kept as close to zero as we can here, so yeah prewtty sure its not that.
  11. Hi there, in the last few ... weeks? months? A growing number of monitored Windows systems running 2008R2/2012R2 do not send out WIndows Update notifications via pulseway anymore. This is starting to be a real issue since it is for some reason affecting more and more systems over timne and I cannot fin anything common on those or any reasons. The clients all have update notifications enabled, and when opening the Windows Update on the machines they do announce important/critical updates awaiting installation. I am running out of ways to look for the reason and a fix here, and would appreciate any help. Best regards
  12. Hello, is there any update on the "Illegal Instruction" issue? I am running on Raspian 9, latest Pulseway client, I even installed libssl1.0.2 on the system. Still pulseway will not actually start. I have this vague idea that for some reason it is still using ssl 1.1, but I can't very well uninstall that ... Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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